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Introducing the Team

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The head of it all. Alexander Ubach-Utermoehl founded the PropTech Booster together with Marc Stilke from Immobilien Scout in 2016. He built the program with the basis of his deep knowledge and broad network in the real estate industry. Next to the guidance of the teams he regularly moderates panels and travels all around the globe to spread the word about proptech aswell as to uphold partnerships in the community and aquire new international relations. Alex is a brilliant strategist who is always thriving, which his coworkers really cherish in him. When he actually has some free time, he loves to spend time with his family and riding his motorcycle.

Fun Fact: After hours he secretly works as a tour guide for techquartier.


Sebastian Schmidt joined the team in September 2017 as second Managing Director. His tasks in the Booster include the guidance of the teams through the accelerator program, investment management of funds, coordination of the workshops, fostering partnerships between universities and conceptualizing of new formats. In his freetime he loves to spend time with his family and his dogs being out and about in nature.

Fun Fact: On a rare occasion and just if you are in luck, you can find him in a karaoke bar in Frankfurt as an Elvis Presley impersonator.


Jakob knows it all! He is the secret genius of the booster-team and is here since April 2016. Nobody could imagine the team without him. His tasks include the acquisition of new teams and their guidance in the program, which also contains the organization of the workshops and coaches, as well as the sector human resources and maintenance of the homepage and its infrastructure. In his freetime he loves to live the more analogue lifestyle by playing piano and engaging in the volunteer fire department.

Fun Fact: He loves the beverage Ayran.


Likes to be called Ella. She is part of the team as a working student since December 2017 next to her bachelor study in international real estate management. She is responsible for the sector project management. This means she organizes the boosters events and stands in communication with the teams and the coaches. She also assists Alex through coordinating his appointments and schedule. She is extremely quick-witted and always has a slice of lemon for your water. In her free time, Gabriela Anna regularly tries new foods and loves enjoying a good wine.

Fun Fact: When she was little, she escaped from kindergarten several times a week.


That’s me 🙂 I am part of the team since January 2018 and responsible for the sector content marketing and social media. Next to the boosters social media accounts, I write these wonderful (right? :D) blogpostings and am involved in everything surrouding the online marketing field. In my freetime, I am active as a volunteer dance teacher and lead zumba fitness classes in gyms and sports clubs. I love my little dachshund called “muffin” and reading crime novels.

Fun Fact: When I was 9 years old, I was selected as “kamerakind” for the German kids show “1,2 oder 3”.


The newbie. Rame joined the team in March 2018 to do his obligatory internship for his study in real estate industry. He moved here from Winterbach close to Stuttgart to work with us! He supports the team by his work in research and supporting Jakob with the companies database. When Rame is not commuting between his hometown and Frankfurt he loves to go on walks to really calm down and think about anything.

Fun Fact: He already watched over 60 anime series.

A few snapshots of the team 🙂

8 Reasons why YOU should apply for the Booster program

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1. Investment! – Who would turn down 50,000 Euro for equity?

2. Carrying out pilot projects within our broad real estate network – we partnered up with the leading real estate companies in Germany. You will profit from this!

3. Coachings in all relevant areas concerning your startup! You will participate in valuable workshops in the following fields: company positioning, law and tax, pricing, sales, insurance, naming, pitch content, pitch presentation and more.

4. Access to VC-capital on our demo day. This event takes place at the end of our batch, where you will present your pitch and achievements as well as what you still need to grow your business.

5. Office Space at Frankfurts Techquartier – Bring your laptop, get infinite amounts of coffee and a comfortable desk at our office space in downtown Frankfurt!

6. Connections are everything! Get access to digital and real estate mentors from the industry!

7. Our passion for proptech and motivation to kickstart your baby!

8. Support in social media – no time to post, tweet or write press releases, because your team is busy working on your product? Get active support and guidance in the social media sector from our social media expert.


So what are you waiting for?

Demo Day #2 – A Lookback

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Past Thursday the day had finally come.

Our second Batch came to an end and was celebrated appropriately with our Demo Day. Up until 3:15 pm our guests poured into techquartier and the official program could start. CEO Dr. Sebastian Schmidt welcomed the teams as well as partners, investors and techies from the proptech-scene. He invited our founder and CEO Alex Ubach-Utermoehl on stage, who also welcomed the guests and directed a few introducing words to the crowd.

“Our goal is to digitize the Real Estate Industry.”

He summarized the Booster’s mission with these few words. Next to the Booster’s Cooperation with the teams, our company lets them make use of our immense network of leading players in the industry. Next to that, they get to participate in a valuable range of coaching’s and workshop’s concerning their startup’s growth. The result of this journey will be presented today, Alexander Ubach-Utermoehl says.

However, before the teams took their turn, it was time to welcome Alexander Weihe from Vonovia. He gave a quick Impulse speech to talk about the cooperation with our PropTech Teams. He emphasized that he values the immense motivation as well as their acquired skillset in their field.

When Alexander Weihe went back to his seat it was time, to ask the first team to present. CEO Boris Goldshteyn from ALLVR entered the stage and explained how his company created a platform for visualization, communication, and collaboration to ease the process of working together with architects and project-developers. A virtual viewing of the construction site, as well as the possibility to leave comments simplifies not only the planning but accelerates the whole construction. With their tool, ALLVR resolve a huge problem of the construction industry: building projects get delayed regularly which results in increasing amounts of cost. ALLVR offers an immense improvement in efficiency as well as an easy tool for the construction planning.

Boris answered some questions from the crowd and then switched places with the next presenter. Ludwig von Busse from S!mplifa entered the stage. Ludwig presented their business model, which promises to extend the lifetime of an elevator. With the help of a short video, he demonstrated through which functions the elevator-manager eases nerve-racking subject areas like maintenance and reparation. All important documents can be digitally collected and analyzed. Through S!mplifa’s technical know-how, they recognize requirements of the elevators and optimize their processes through this.

Following him, the CEO of VRNow Tim Meger-Guinkamp was up next. Their program visualizes every aspect of physical construction-design as well as already existing design from Real Estate in a time frame of only 10 minutes. It recognizes doors and windows without any problems. Next to this, they also offer the Making of a 360° interactive Video, which can be used for marketing or in presentations. He emphasizes the amount of their incoming orders, which they acquired in the last couple of months, so he is rather confident about the future of the company and its upcoming business year.

CEO Daniel VallĂ©s Valls presented the pitch deck of his and Co-Founder Martin Staudacher’s company wohnungshelden. He explained that their business, through the digitization of tenant change, eases the whole process. Hereby they focus on homogenous processes and customer-oriented working, through which the marketing of new building projects and following-rent is made easier.

After the team’s pitches we welcomed our international guests: Anna Walkowskaja from Poland with her company propergate and Ivan Nokhrin from Russia with exquance, which presented their pitches and enriched us with a valuable insight to the international proptech-scene.

After this Alex thanked us, the Booster-Team, for our work preparing the demo day and the proptech yearbook (Get yours here). He then asked the PropTech Teams individually on stage to hand them their personalized tombstones as memory for the booster-program and appreciation for the great time together. They obviously were happy about this little present. As you can see on the left 😉

It was a great day filled with insightful presentations and good conversations. We are excited to see what our teams will achieve from now on!

Now, we are looking forward to our new Teams!


If you’re a PropTech and want to work with us, apply NOW!

If you’re interested in purchasing our PropTech Yearbook, go this way!