Frequently Asked Questions

Strategic Partners

Why is blackprint Booster an accelerator, not an incubator?

Together with our Partners and Mentors we help you calibrate and accelerate your Business. We will provide structured support in the beginning and individual support thereafter. And, we believe in the power of Deadline, i.e. Demo Day.

How many strategic partners does blackprint Booster have?

blackprint Booster has nine reputable strategic partners of the real estate industry.

Why so many?

Our strategic partners reflect the diversity of the real estate industry itself, and help us support you with any kind of digital real estate business models.

How have they been selected?

Our strategic partners are leading in their segment and have agreed to actively supporting the teams with access to their expertise, data and client base.

What is their commitment?

For us it is important that our strategic partners do not only finance our program (office space, equipment, events, etc…), but also enable our teams to cooperate with them. Within such cooperations teams will be able to access data, create pilot projects and acquire reference customers, which will help them to boost their business.


Who should participate in the accelerator program?

The accelerator program is targeted towards founders with a scalable digital business model making real estate more efficient. It especially worthwhile for founders who believe strong ties to the real estate industry will boost their business or feel that they need industry input in order to refine their business model.

We feel we are to far as to participate in an accelerator program. Should we apply anyway?

If you find access to strong industry networks helpful for your case: yes!

What does blackprint Booster offer what other programs don’t?

blackprint Booster connects leading partners from the industry and the best PropTech entrepreneurs on a neutral basis. We are a multi corporate program and you will always stay independent. That means we can connect you to anybody in the industry that helps your business.

How long does the program last?

Each batch is scheduled to be 22 weeks long. This reflects the more mature and languid processes of the real estate industry, and gives you the time to (1) make necessary adaptions to your business, in order to reflect the needs of the industry properly, and (2) make use of our network to create pilot projects and a of network reference customers.

Where does it take place?

The program takes place in Tech Quartier in Frankfurt am Main. Tech Quartier is the premier startup ecosystem of Frankfurt. Here you will not only be able to network with other participants of our program but also with several other startup companies in different stages. We believe that this will foster your development even more.

Why not in Berlin?

We decided to run the program in Frankfurt, as we feel that it is necessary to be close to our strategic partners (which are primarily located within 90 minutes of driving). In this way it will be easier to work together with our strategic partners and their representatives on a day-to-day basis.

What do we get?

EUR 50.000 of Equity Investment, desk & infrastructure, industry insight & network, on going support during the program, a great experience and access to the alumni circle. And an Äppelwoi flat rate…

Do all of us need to move to Frankfurt?

No. We realize that most startups are quite busy with daily operations and that it (most of the times) doesn’t make sense to move the whole team. We do demand that at least one of your team members is here on a weekly basis in order to work with us on the pilot projects. Also you need to attend certain events throughout the program.


Who is running the program?

The program will be operated by four of us, centered around a managing director from the real estate industry and a senior advisor with a digital background. We will support you on a daily basis and create contacts to relevant mentors, coaches and strategic partners.

Why do you have a Mr Real Estate and a Mr Digital for the daily operation?

You will need both, access to the real estate industry and the tech scene. We divide and conquer…

How many mentors will you have?

Quite a few, but more importantly the ones that fit your needs.