Moving forces of digital Transformation

What are PropTechs? – Our Definition:

PropTech companies solve customer-oriented inefficiencies in the real estate industry with innovative and scalable business models by applying technology.

How we help PropTechs

We are commissioned to find young PropTech ideas, actively promote them and connect them with our strong network in the established real estate industry.


Networking with other PropTechs

Individual support in the leading industry accelerator

Networking with Corporates

Growth potential through access to investors

Valuable industry know-how & PropTech Insights

PropTechs & Corporates 

a win-win for the digital transformation


…feel the need for faster change

PropTechs solve current challenges that were not solved before

…hope to gain access to new technologies & efficient processes

PropTechs provide innovative business models & agile business structures

……seek access to new customer and business models

PropTechs deliver potentials for profitable offer extension


… launch fast-growing business models in niche markets

Corporates provide market know-how and many years of experience in the development of business models.

…need easy access to markets to expand rapidly delivering results

Corporates can offer products & services virtually seamlessly through existing customer bases and established distribution channels

…often lack brand awareness, resources and capital

Corporate partnerships can increase brand trust, provide internal resources and financial security

Curious what we can do for your PropTech?